Aren’t You Tired of Reading About the Law of Attraction and Having Nothing to Show For It In Your Bank Account?

You know you have money blocks. You may even know what some of them are, but you haven’t been able to overcome them once and for all. So fear, anxiety and scarcity are all part of your money reality.

You want to know what’s blocking you, how to clear it and start seeing immediate results show up in your life.

You’re feeling tired and disillusioned. Like the Law of Attraction just doesn’t work for you. You may even wonder whether you’re smart or savvy enough to figure out the “money game”. And what stings most is that all of this makes you feel extremely inadequate.

  • You want step-by-step guidance and support
  • You want a mirror held up to you to shine a light on those blocks you can’t see
  • You want deep shifts so you can create a new income reality


worried-businesswoman-on-a-laptopI Know How Frustrating It Is to Always Feel Like You’re Taking One Step Forward With Money and Then 10 Steps Back.

The endless Boom and Bust cycles, not being able to achieve your income goals or feeling weighed down by debt and not able to save like you wish you could…

You’ve read books and maybe even taken a workshop or two, but it feels like the Law of Attraction has some sort of beef with you. No matter how hard you work, you can’t make the money you really want. And if you do, you end up sabotaging it one way or another.

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And when you do, your life will change. Because before you’re able to create more wealth, you must believe deeply that you’re worthy and capable of making the income you desire. When you’re operating from this vibe unconsciously, that’s when you can leverage the Law of Attraction to attract people, circumstances, ideas and synchronicities that bring more money into your world. And taking action from this place creates results faster and more powerfully than you could ever imagine.


Which is Why I Created the ‘Money Upgrade’ Program…

It’s a 6-week one-on-one experience where I take you through a process that will completely reconstruct your relationship with money by leveraging the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). What is EFT, you ask? Think of it as acupuncture for your emotions. The technique allows us to clear years of limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you want.

After going through this process you’ll wonder why you were ever anxious about money.


How does it work?

We’ll be using a combination of Coaching and EFT to address the 10 Categories You Must Clear in order to increase your income including:



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We Will…

Identify your limiting money paradigm at its root

Use EFT to both clear the old and create a new money paradigm

Implement an action plan for manifesting the income you desire so you can make more money, live more freely and enjoy life more





Feeling at ease with money and knowing that anything is possible

Feeling inspired, motivated and excited about the future

Healing your relationship with money including the inherited family patterns and paradigm you picked up

Creating wealth from this new paradigm

Having a clear plan for making the money you want to support the lifestyle you want to live


Woman Looking at Reflection

I Will…

Hold up a mirror to show you patterns and blind spots you didn’t even know existed

Teach you how to use EFT to clear these blocks so you can have this powerful tool at your finger tips forever

Empower you to know for the first time that you can make whatever amount of money you want

Guide you to create an actual plan for your new money reality

After 6 weeks you will feel inspired, relieved, excited, empowered, free, abundant, optimistic, calm, at peace and at ease, and sure of the possibilities.



The ‘Money Upgrade’ 6-Week 1:1 Program

***48 Hour Early Bird Price***

(Ends Wednesday January, 20th at Midnight ET)

Total Value: $4,097

$1,200 $897



$1,200 $897 (1)




Some Limiting Beliefs That May Creep up…

I can’t afford it.

Your earning potential after clearing the path to more money will make your investment in this course look like pocket change.

Will EFT work for me?

If you feel emotions (like most humans) EFT will work to clear negative ones.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you show up, open up to the process of digging up your limiting beliefs around money, do the work in and out of our sessions to clear them, you will come out on the other side changed and your relationship with money will never be the same again.