Are you feeling lost as to how to promote your business and consistently attract your ideal clients?

Wish you had some practical guidance to help you get traction without breaking the bank?

Since starting this business, you’ve put quite a bit of effort into making it a success. But stitching together a business strategy out of all the free content you can get your hands on is not a real business strategy – in fact it’ll keep you exactly where you are, spinning your wheels and lacking the focus, direction and momentum to make your business a real success.


We’ll it’s time to stop “winging it” and put some actual strategy behind the action you’re taking.

Congratulations, you’re officially part of the 1%. The small percentage of women who have enough courage to start their dream business. Most women who have a desire to trade their 9-to-5 to follow their passion never muster up enough courage to follow through.

You’ve done it. You’ve taken the first steps toward launching your dream and you’re a rock star because of it.

But I bet you know now that starting a business doesn’t guarantee success.

You’ve got the motivation, the passion and the willingness to do the work…

What you’re lacking are the right strategies to market and promote yourself, the support to put these strategies in play to get paying clients, and the right systems and shortcuts to create a highly leveraged, automated business that will put you on the map permanently.

That is, until now…



The ULTIMATE Marketing Strategy and Support to Make 2017 the Most Successful and Lucrative Year of Your Life.


Through this affordable monthly group coaching program you will:

  • Receive guidance on clear, actionable strategies to market, promote and grow your business
  • Have your pressing business building questions answered in our live Q&A sessions twice a month
  • Receive accountability and support to implement marketing and visibility strategies that will take your business to the next level
  • Feel secure in knowing that you have affordable access to coaching each and every month to be able to create real change in your business – like attracting your ideal clients, building a leveraged, automated business and having the confidence to charge what your worth and achieve your money goals.

All for less than the price of a cup of coffee!




Here’s What You’ll Get in the Empire Builder Program:

1.          Two LIVE Coaching Calls Every Month – Hosted by Sandra Fidelis and featuring occasional guest experts who will cover topics such as Client Attraction, Online and Offline Marketing Strategies such as List Building and Facebook Ads Marketing, Wealth Mindset, Personal Growth and Fulfillment and much more! Plus, group participants can submit topics they would like to be included in the group coaching sessions. Can’t make the live calls? Don’t worry, all calls are recorded and you’ll have access to past archived group coaching trainings for as long as you’re a member.

2.          LIVE Q&A – Get your questions answered live in our interactive Q&A session after each training or submit your marketing and business building questions ahead of time if you can’t make the live call.


Confidence, Strategy, Accountability and Support

Get your first month for Only $1 (and then pay only $37 per month after). For less than a daily a cup of coffee you’ll have access to advanced marketing strategy and business building tools, plus an opportunity to get answers to your most pressing marketing and business building questions. You can cancel your membership any time. Get started now with your $1 trial!