I create a blueprint for a powerful business that fits snugly into your life, generating the financially-sound business that you’ve felt mutter around in your soul.

And once we establish that flexible, heart-pounding schedule, I’ll help you execute juggling all the moving parts. Because as an entrepreneur…mom…wife, there’s nothing that stings more than having to decide who to put last on your to-do.

We’ll also solidify the money-making mindset that you need to connect with your ideal clients, so charging what you’re worth? Doesn’t make you breakout ever again.

And that hobby you’ve been working all these months (years???), will finally grow into a bona fide business, making you so much more than “a part-time entrepreneur” in their eyes.


Know exactly what to charge.

Know you’re worth it with every fiber of your being.

Know the exact marketing to pull clients to you with ease (instead of using gross sales tactics to pay the rent).

Know what tools to use to run and leverage your business.

And have your hand held through restructuring and creating a booming business from the ground up.

I understand what it’s like to have a dream of successful business ownership, to want a business that is an extension of you, where you have complete creative direction. You want to experience the freedom, and joy afforded via the magic of entrepreneurship.

My mission is to provide you with a launch pad to create your empire, to help women like you build successful, sustainable businesses that march hand-in-hand with your dreams and talents – and that bring unbridled joy, satisfaction and cash. It’s what I do.

I’m the online business empire designer for women just like you, who want to be in the top 5 percent. I’m obsessed with practicing effortless manifestation, exploring the world via travel and delicious cuisine, and mastering entrepreneurship – preferably all while enjoying a nice glass of Proscceco.

And I’ve scoured the earth for years to gather the highest quality pros that have not only taught me, but that I now bring into my training to help others, so you can become the highest level of you your soul cries out to be.


In my twenties, I thought climbing the corporate ladder of a Fortune 250 company, taking business trips while wearing a pencil skirt (with matching blazer) and using terms such as “spearhead” equaled a fulfilling existence. I was wrong.

From the outside, it looked like I had carved out a nice life for myself as I completed my MBA, entered my eighth year of a marketing position for what now is the largest electric utility in the U.S. and set forth on my quest for upward mobility.

Then, one day it hit me like a hammer: The life I was building was never going to provide the level of joy and fulfillment I knew deep down was possible. I felt like I was dying a slow bleeding death in a spirit-crushing job.

So I decided to quit, rent out my Florida home, move to New York City (where I knew two people), and start a new business – all at the height of the 2008 recession. Gangsta, no?

As you can imagine, after my bold life overhaul, I had my share of failures and disappointments. My business flopped. I relied on a bridge job in one of the most expensive and unforgiving cities in the world and I had a relationship end at the same time just for some character-building extra credit.

All of the hurt and struggle was necessary because that version of Sandra had to go. I had to release my attachment to the Sandra who based her identity on her academic and professional accomplishments, on bullshit that really didn’t matter, so I could discover what lit me on fire.

Once I hit bottom, released that false persona, I was free to create the life and business that would ultimately bring me the fulfillment I was after.

And now I help other women, exactly like you, do the same. You’re not alone in the frustration of building a business that defines you. I’m here. To hold your hand and help you find the systems you need, push through doing the work to make them work for you, and to help you establish just who the hell you are and what you want.

Your business? Deserves a design that will let it shed it’s hobby status, so you can finally head the empire you crave.

Check out my services.