Entrepreneurs live in a world of “hurry up and do,” but – if you’re just getting started – knowing the next effective steps seems more impossible than taking them.

If the business of business was a race, you’d be the bumbling bunny without the foresight to execute in the end.

You want to accelerate your business and get rid of the fear, insecurity and overwhelming questions.

You know you can help people with your services, but you don’t know how to get yourself in front of the right audience (and you’re not even sure what you’d say to them).

While building an empire might not happen overnight, you can catapult your business further when you have questions answered, thoughts in order, and a voice that’s confident enough to sprint to the finish line. (Read: won’t be stopped by hurdles of doubt.)


That, my friends, is the 50-yard dash toward taking you and your toddler-esque business from clumsy and crashing to confident and crave-worthy.

Got questions like:

• Who is my ideal client?
• What’s the message I want the world to hear about my business?
• Where can I find the people I want to help the most?
• When will I know how much to charge?
• Why is it so hard for me to articulate exactly what I do (and why does the phrase “crafting a clear message” sound so intense)?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because I’ve also felt like I was in last place in business. More questions than answers will make you feel like you don’t have a shot at it.

But with a little help (work), I stepped out of hiding, stayed in my own lane and rocked it until my potential unleashed.

You? You’ve got the skills, darling, so you just need to find your footing and gain some traction. Let me help you give yourself permission to take action.

There are several key steps in starting out – the right way – online.

1. You need clarity on what you do (and for whom).
2. You have to get stupid clear on your marketing message.
3. Visibility should become your best friend, because nobody can work with you if they don’t know you exist.

Doing any of these steps incorrectly means your launch might be a bust. There’s an art form to getting it right and getting your genius seen.


I’ll be the Picasso-like master who helps you earn what you’re worth and dominate the basics of successful businesses, so you can confidently create the life of your dreams.

So set yourself up on that starting block (and do it right this time), we’re about to get your business up and running so results can finally start showing up.

I started working with Sandra Fidelis a few months ago to grow and transform my business and I have achieved just that. My email list has grown by 40%...
Tracy Atkinson

Vedic Astrologer & Intuitive Coach

“I started working with Sandra Fidelis a few months ago to grow and transform my business and I have achieved just that. My email list has grown by 40%, I have created some great new coaching programs, and my web site is now much more enticing and customer friendly. To my surprise, I have even begun to work with clients using my new coaching packages before I have even posted them to my site! I can’t wait to see what happens once I post them. During this process of rebranding, I have found Sandra, to be a huge support. Whenever I have a question, she always has the answer and is quick to respond. When I am stuck, she offers creative inspiration and ideas to help me move through the block. Sandra is a power house. I highly recommend her for taking your business to the next level or making your business dream real.

Introducing the Launch Your Online Empire Program:

A 6-week 1:1 experience designed to get your genius out in the world…right now.

We’ll answer the 5Ws of online entrepreneurship and empire creation. In the end you’ll have answers like:

• Who needs you to show up and save them from their problems
• What skills you can wrap into packages that sell
• Where to stop lurking online and start getting seen
• When to post, how often and what type of content
• Why crafting a clear message is key to your success (yes, we’ll do it too)

And it all happens when you:

• Know what you do and don’t do and for whom
• Know your ideal client
• Know what makes you special and why people want to work with you
• Combine this into a clear message (know exactly what you do and who you do it for and be able to convey it in your marketing message)
• Create a package (and copy) that sells
• Craft a marketing plan and begin enrolling clients

It’s time to stop chasing your tail and begin winning online.

With a constant accountability partner and experienced entrepreneur on your team, you’ll walk away with confidence, clarity and the ability to clearly communicate with your ICA.

So while you work to expedite a process you’ve watched other women struggle with, you’ll also begin excelling in your zone of genius.

No more feeling exhausted or disappointed or just-plain dumb.

The Launch Your Online Empire Program is your all-in-one stop so you can feel optimistic about what’s to come.

You’ll receive:

(6) Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

Unlimited email communication for 6 weeks

Copy written for your website or marketing materials

Bonus: Access to my Become a Telesummit Celeb course


Total Investment: $2,800




Got questions? Schedule a 30-min consult with me to discuss the program and how it can transform your business.