Confused and overwhelmed isn’t sexy. And it sure won’t help you get the clients you need or make the kind of cash you want (and deserve).

Feeling lost because you don’t have the right systems in place to grow your online empire? It doesn’t suit you at all.

And that “feast or famine” pattern you have going on is a direct reflection of what you feel you deserve. And it’s impacting your ability to eat. So let’s stop that.

Let’s change all of this now, shall we?


And why would you not want cold, hard cash in exchange for all the work you put in every day?

What you want is to wake up each day with a client roster filled with people who you absolutely love helping. Then promptly check that bank balance and dance a little jig because it’s consistently growing.

Simply stated: You want to turn your talent into a bona fide business and have that talent pay you (handsomely).

Because you’re damn good at it and if you’re damn good at something, you should be well compensated for it. Like an A-list actor or NFL superstar. Makes logical sense, right? But we don’t always operate logically.

Sometimes we operate from…

“I’m not good enough to charge XX dollars.”

“I don’t have enough experience to coach or mentor anyone. Who’d want to work with me?”

“I can’t put myself out there. What if everyone finds out I’m a fraud?”

None of it is true. And it keeps us from growing a successful business.

There are a lot of moving pieces and parts to being an entrepreneur. And if you’ve tried doing it on your own but haven’t gotten the results you want, then I’ve got something for you.


You’ve tried going at this alone and your results have been lackluster at best. You’ve listened to podcasts, read every blog and taken countless courses promising the formula to online business success. Yet you’re still struggling to make this business something.

I hear you. It’s incredibly frustrating to have a gift and not be able to master it. To have said gift feed you, and feed you well.

And although you could probably teach a Master’s course on what’s necessary to create a successful online business, you’ve been missing one of the most important ingredients. It’s the difference between success and failure in this online game. Accountability and step by step guidance. The pros have it and continue to invest in it even after they’ve become successful.

This is exactly why I created my 6-month program: The Online Biz MBA. So we can take you from working on it to actually living it.

First, we’ll make sure your marketing rocks and reflects the authentic you. Why? Because that’s how your people will recognize you as the anointed one who can take them to the promised land (or help them lose weight or whatever other magic you facilitate).

Then we need to get you out there, so you become a well-known rock star in your niche. Because if they don’t know you, they can’t hire you.

And in addition to your brand’s makeover and your upgraded visibility, we’ll turn up your marketing efforts in such a sexy way that it keeps your client roster full and makes your dream of running a financially sustainable business a reality. The business that until now has always seemed out of reach.


  • Six months Private Coaching Sessions – We meet for 60 minute sessions weekly for 16 weeks and we work together on everything from copy, to sales, to social media, to the new mindset you’ll be adopting to make it all come together.
  • Business Assessment – Before we take your business from duckling to swan, we need to evaluate where you are now, where you’d like to be and what it’s going to take for you to get there. This means we’ll be looking at your website, copy, marketing materials, marketing strategy, systems and mindset to see what we need to upgrade so you can launch your empire.
  • Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions – You’ll have access to me between sessions for questions, copy edits and feedback, and to keep you focused and on the right path.
  • Professional Copy Written for Your Website – I’ve spent years scouring the Earth to find the best talent to grow and support me and my biz. And guess what? I’ve done all the work in procuring these amazingly talented folks for your biz too. I work with remarkably gifted wordsmiths who take your essence and translate it into incredible copy for your website. Copy that whispers to your ideal clients, “Look no further, you’ve found me.”
  • Wealth Consciousness Coaching – They say it’s all about the mindset, and they’re absolutely right. In order to upgrade your bank account and your lifestyle, you must begin by upgrading your mindset. It starts with believing you deserve it. Not just affirming you deserve it, but believing with every fiber of your being. That’s when real manifesting magic happens.
  • Private Sales Coach – Selling doesn’t ever have to feel like you’re trying to beg or trick someone into giving you money. Once we work on the mindset shift, as well as some conversation strategies, you’ll understand selling is HELPING your people get the result they are after.
  • Social Media Expert – Social media can be the sink or swim spoke in your marketing wheel. You either know how to do it effectively and efficiently, or you’ll drive yourself crazy trying, become completely overwhelmed and don’t do it at all. And you’d be missing out on some amazing opportunities to skyrocket your biz if you don’t show up. From Facebook ads and groups, to daily posts and Periscope. There is an overall goal and method to the madness and getting it right can be a game-changer.
  • Personalized Marketing – We’ll take a look at what works, what hasn’t, what you absolutely love and what makes you cringe. Then we’ll create a marketing plan that fits your biz and schedule.
  • Scripts and Templates – Speaking request templates, guest blogging pitch emails – just some of the “done for you” documents you’ll receive to make your life a little easier. I wish I’d met me years ago.
  • Bonuses, Baby, Bonuses – When you come into my world you’ll also receive access to my Become a Telesummit Celeb program where I teach you how to host your own successful telesummit and immediately quantum leap your visibility.

Got questions? Schedule a 30-min consult with me to discuss the program and how it can transform your business.