There’s a silent epidemic that plagues many women whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re working a 9-to-5. But if you’re running a service business, undervaluing your work and undercharging for your services can negatively impact your confidence and your bottom line.

Here are the three reason’s you may still be struggling with undercharging for our services:

1. You don’t have confidence in what you’re offering.

I still have so far to go before I’m an expert. I’m not far enough along in my own transformation. I’m a fraud. My clients will figure it out. Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind? If you’re a service provider there’s a very good chance all of them have.

2. You and money have some making up to do.

You have a scarcity mentality when it comes to money that goes something like this…“if someone gives me a substantial amount of money, I’ll be taking from them and they will have less”. So you either discount your services or you have a hard time enrolling new clients.

3. You’re comparing your offers to everyone else.

Instead of putting on the horse blinders, you’re busy looking at gurus you admire and other experts in your niche and trying to price your packages based on how everyone else have priced theirs.

So what do you need in order to charge premium prices for your high-level packages and actually be able to sell them?

You need to believe wholeheartedly that what you offer is worthwhile. That it’s transformative because you’ve proven over and over that it has the potential to transform lives. And you also need to believe that this transformation you facilitate in someone’s life is worthy of an even exchange of energy. This energy being in the form of money.

The reason people get stuck in the ugly spiral of undercharging and aren’t able to sell their high-end packages is because they often don’t buy it themselves on a deep level that what they’re offering is really worth it.

How much you value this energy that you’re putting out there through your services will determine how much you’re willing to accept as payment return for it.

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