Does it feel daunting when you look around and see how many other people in your industry are totally killin’ it?  Does it make you feel like you’ll never cut through the noise and make your mark so you can rise up and become that sought-after expert you want to be?

I know as Spiritual Entrepreneurs we’re supposed to subscribe to the idea that there is no competition.

And I do believe that there is enough business for everyone.

But, c’mon.  Real talk.

The human potential and coaching industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. So how can you set yourself apart from the next coach or service provider who offers the same services?

Here are three non-negotiable steps you must take to stand out and become a sought-after expert in your area of expertise:


1.) Define your ‘Micro-niche’

I’m not talking about just choosing the Health, Relationship or Money niche to focus on. This is too broad. You need go deeper than that…way deeper.  Let me give you an example…

Let’s say you want to become a Business coach. There are tons of Business coaches who offer general Online Business building services, how will you differentiate yourself from all the Facebook ads and free your ideal clients are bombarded with on a daily basis? You go deeper, you refine your expertise even more.

So you decide that what your ideal clients really need are to attract clients, so you specialize in that. But that’s not even deep enough. You need to go deeper. What aspect of the client attraction or enrollment process is the most difficult that you know you totally kick ass at? Is it Sales, is it Livestreaming and video visibility? Whatever you niche is, you’ll need to choose an in-demand micro-niche to focus on so you can stand out and becoming the go-to person that solves that problem.

2.) Define your ideal client

Now that you know what your super power is and how you will stand out in the vast online marketing space, you need to define who you will help. Defining who your ideal client is will help you tremendously in figuring out where you should market your services as well as understanding their needs so you can speak their language. This happens when you get very clear on who he, she or they are, what they need help with and on their biggest pain points.

3.) Define and craft your Premium Signature Program

Once you know your special corner of the market in which you are a complete superstar and you also know exactly who you help, it’s time to craft that special signature program or offer that will have them foaming at the mouth to work with you.

Crafting a signature program will allow you to stand out as an expert in your industry with a proven system instead of just coaching packages. It will also help you attract more of the right clients, be able to charge based on the value you provide and have more confidence in offering a process you are confident works.

One program, multiple streams of income possibilities.



Have you already crafted a hot signature program?  If not, register for the Craft Your Signature Program That Sells training on Tuesday, March 21st where I’ll show you exactly how to create a signature program that sells like hotcakes.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Sell more confidently knowing your have a repeatable system for helping your clients get results
  • Become more profitable by offering high-level programs
  • Stand out online and create a sought-after, high-end brand



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