This holiday season I did a whole lot of nothing. We celebrated baby’s first Christmas at home here in New York. Joseph works in advertising, so his company was closed for a week for the holidays and my mother in-law decided to stay over most of last week to hang out with the baby.

I usually make a big deal about bringing in the new year.  I set my intentions, I make my goals list, I do a releasing ceremony to let go of the past year and to allow in new energy – but this year I’ve done absolutely nothing yet.

I took the time off to rest and recalibrate because what I’ve found over the years of intention setting and manifesting is that you only really need to focus on two things:

Your “Why” or the big reason you want to achieve your goal


Setting a clear goal/intention that involves all your senses and connecting to it on a regular basis. 

Let’s start with your “Why” and let’s use your business as an example. Why do you want to make your business a massive success this year? There needs to be a big enough reason, outside of just making a lot of money for you to take the necessary steps to go to the next level.

You’ll consistently need to go outside your comfort zone in order to grow your business, your visibility and your following and it won’t always be easy.

In order to push through the resistance, you have to have a big enough motivator, a big enough “Why” that motivates you to overcome your fears, blocks, lack of discipline or anything else that might stand in your way of success.

I have two big ones this year and here they are:

My Why #1: I want to empower women through business. I want to help hundreds of women transition from a 9-to-5 to creating a successful business they’re passionate about that is their purpose fulfilled. The way I do this is in a very nurturing, but also no nonsense way that helps the women I coach create success in a much shorter amount of time.

My Why #2: My son. He just turned two months on Jan 1st and he’s a big reason I want to double my business this year. Not only because I want to help provide him with opportunity, but also because I want to model for him what a strong, independent and successful woman looks like.

Now, want to skyrocket your results this year? Here’s how I setup a powerful goal/intention for whatever goal you may want to achieve.

  • Be very specific
  • Use all your senses to describe how it would feel to have it
  • Provide a specific date in which you’ll have already achieved the goal
  • Speak about it as if it’s happening now

Here’s an example…let’s say you want to make $10,000 per month in your business. You would write a very clear goal such as this:

“It is now June 1st, 2017 and I am making $10,000 per month, every month. I see the figure in my monthly merchant account statement. I hear (my partner, family or friend) tell me how happy and proud they are of me over a nice dinner. I tell them that I’m happy to be able to help more people with my gifts and to also be able to provide myself and my loved ones with a better living. I feel like a superstar – accomplished, successful, abundant and at peace. I achieved this because I am competent, knowledgeable, driven, confident, financially savvy, persistent and I bring massive value to those I serve.”

Once you write your goal in the present tense using your sense to experience already having it, repeat it to yourself on a daily basis to FastTrack your results.

Now it’s your turn.

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