One of the biggest questions I get from members of my community is “How do I get more clients?” or some variation of it.

When I first began my coaching and consulting practice I used the traditional model of creating packages that looked something like this:

  • A high-end VIP Signature program (My highest investment offering)
  • A mid-range offering such as a VIP Day or 6-week one-on-one program
  • An introductory group coaching program or 90-minute session package

This program offering structure is what keeps most coaches and service providers in a constant search for the next client and frankly, most go broke.

In order for you to have a thriving business that brings in consistent income, you must create leverage.

If you pay attention to the heavy-hitters in your niche, you’ll notice that most if not all have highly leveraged businesses.

What do I mean by leverage?  I mean that they have created value for their clients and customers through multiple offerings that allow them to serve many at once with little time investment on their part.

Here are some examples of creating leverage for your business:

1.     Create multiple ways for clients to learn from your expertise  

I talk about creating passive income products all the time.  This could include a group program or training that you record and turn into a digital product that can be purchased as a self-study course.  Self-study courses or digital programs are a great way to leverage your expertise and create a nice revenue stream for your business.  Just make sure that you’re creating something of value to your ideal client.

2.      Create a recurring revenue program

A great way to create a recurring revenue stream for your business is through a membership or monthly group coaching program. Memberships usually offer access to digital trainings and virtual support for a monthly fee. Customers get access to you and valuable resources at a low monthly investment and you get to leverage your time by helping multiple people at once who pay you a monthly fee.

3.     Create an effective funnel that builds your email community

You’ve probably heard a million times that the money is in the list.  Well, it’s true.  When it comes to filling your coaching or service offerings with clients and selling your premium programs, building an email list is the most powerful thing you can do. More so than your social media presence. So you should consistently build your email community, engage with them regularly and build a funnel that leads them to the next step with you – whether that is a lower investment program or training or some other way they can receive value and invest in your offerings.

While building a highly leveraged business isn’t something the happens overnight, you should always keep in mind that leveraging your time and expertise is what’s going to build a sustainable business that allows you both time and financial freedom.

How have you created leverage for your business so far?

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