Clicks, copycats and the comparison game.  At times the world of online marketing feels a lot like being back in high school.

Have you ever felt inadequate as you compared yourself to a superstar in your niche whose marketing platform is based on how quickly she rose to the top and how she can teach you to do the same?

It reminds me of high school and how many of us often compared ourselves to seemingly more successful people we saw as “having it all”.

Here are some of the high school-like archetypes I’ve seen play out in the world of online marketing in the last few years that inspire comparison.

The Popular girl: She made $1.5 million in her first month in business working 15 hours a week. Her posts are all about how much her life rocks and how she’s cracked the code of hitting multiple six figures in no time. Her online click is comprised of like-minded marketing mavens.

The Poser: She swears she can show you how to have consistent 5-figure months, but in actuality she’s super broke.

The Follower: Her business is an amalgam of the top 10 popular girls in her niche. Her brand feels stale and boring because she’s taken on someone else’s style and tried to repackage it as her own.

Playing the comparison game and beating yourself up because you haven’t achieved online celebrity status or made 7-figures in 90 days isn’t going to get you any closer to success.

A sustainable business you love that will be around for years to come doesn’t have to be built overnight – no matter how many overnight success stories you’re been sold.

What will get you there is this:

Figuring out what makes your business extraordinary and sharing that consistently with your ideal clients.

Using multiple marketing channels to get the word out, but in a way that feels good and aligned to you.

Upgrading from your current poverty mindset so you can stop blocking prosperity with the unconscious limiting beliefs that are shaping your current reality.

And finally, putting on the horse blinders when you feel like shit because you’re paying attention to what the popular girl is doing. It’s incredibly inspiring to know that a fellow womanpreneur has “made it” and risen to the top seemingly overnight, but if it makes you question your abilities and makes you want to twist yourself into a pretzel to make your business like hers, it’s time to turn off the noise.

There’s nothing wrong with you if haven’t made six figures in your first year in business…or second…or third…or fourth…(you get the point).

You’re not destined for failure if you don’t want to work seven days a week in your business.

You don’t need to follow anyone else’s business model or timeline to be successful. The biggest selling point to what you offer is that thing you do that no one else offers.

While looking over at the entrepreneur who has achieved online celebrity status and a 7-figure income and comparing your business, life and bank account to hers may be tempting, you now have permission to stop beating yourself up and just…

Do you.

The secret is to figure out what success means to you and to take small, bite sized steps to achieve it.

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