If you want to have a business that brings in a consistent income, you’d better offer your clients and customers multiple ways of experiencing your expertise. Not everyone is going to be able to invest in your high-end coaching packages. And even if they will eventually, they may want to try you out before committing to a higher-priced or longer-term package.

While you don’t have to have multiple products or services to launch your business, you should add multiple ways of working with you as you grow and learn more about what your clients need to learn from you.

So what should you have in the way of offerings? Here are some of the most common ways of creating a service funnel for your business.

Your High-End Offer – This is usually a high-level VIP package where you give your clients all you’ve got. They get the most value in the way of time, knowledge or expertise. Your high-end offering can be a package that includes anywhere form 3 – 12 months of coaching, a high-level mastermind or a Live experience with you. Your high-end coaching offer is your best and most comprehensive offer. i.e. My 4-Month Coaching Program.

Your medium priced offer – Your medium investment offer offers a lot of value as well, but it doesn’t include the amount of time and/or value included in the high-end offer. It also doesn’t cost as much. A medium investment offer may include a shorter 1:1 coaching experience or a VIP day. Clients can still get access to you and your expertise, but at a lower investment. i.e. My 6-Week Coaching Program.

Your lower price offer – This service offers your clients a way of experiencing your work and receiving support, but with a much lower time and money investment. This offer can be a 60 or 90-minute session, an email-only coaching package option or a lower-priced group program. The options are limitless. i.e. My 90-Minute Session.

Some additional ways of having people experience your expertise include: Digital/Info products that you can sell at live events, through an email funnel or “Thank You” page (i.e My Book Yourself Solid With Radio Interviews training) or a monthly membership where you provide trainings, resources and guest expert talks for a low monthly price.

Can you see how having multiple ways of working with you or experiencing your expertise serves both your clients and you? As clients move through your service funnel, you should over deliver at each level so that they want to continue experiencing you at higher levels of investment.

xx, Sandra

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