Ever heard that saying?

Do you show up online or in your business the way you’d like?

No? So how are you showing up? Or rather, how consistently?

You started your business to help people, to make money and to share your message, correct?

Are you doing that? If so, why not?

If you’re not reaching out and getting the support you need to grow your biz (from me or other mentors), if you’re not promoting yourself and your services consistently…is your inability to show up keeping you stuck in your business? Keeping you broke? Making you feel inadequate as an entrepreneur?

Only about 20% of people who start a business actively promote themselves consistently. Remember the 80/20 rule?

And guess what? Those 20% who show up consistently and work on their visibility daily tend to attract clients more consistently, make more money and have sustainable businesses.

So ask yourself, is your inability to show up, shyness, or inconsistent visibility holding you back in your business?

If so, what are you willing to do about it?

Comment below, and let me know. I’d love to give you some feedback.

xx, Sandra

P.S. Get your booty in the Profits, Pleasure and Prosecco Facebook Community. It’s a safe place for you to start practicing showing up. Promise. 😉

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