What’s the #1 most searched business topic online?

Productivity (basically, what do I do daily when I wake up in the morning to have a legit cash-generating business?)

Why? Because it’s what separates those with a smooth-running business that actually generates a great, consistent income from those whose businesses have become a time-sucking, expensive hobby.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients as to why they can’t get their business off the ground is that they’re overwhelmed by all of the moving pieces necessary to run a business. And as an online entrepreneur, you know that distraction is everywhere. Here are some tips I teach my clients and use myself to kick overwhelm in the arse:  Btw..we’re talking about this all week in my Facebook Group: Profits Pleasure and Prosecco.

1. Start by writing a list of the top 3 things you must accomplish the next day, the night before.  Focus on these three tasks until completed.

2. You’re an entrepreneur. There’s no need to work your business like a 9-5 and burn out.  Figure out how many hours you need to work daily to get the important things done. You must focus consistently on revenue generating activities first, otherwise you won’t have a business. What does this look like for you? Is it 4 hours?  Or more like 6?

3. Cluster activities on certain days.  For example, my marketing and business development days are Mondays and Tuesdays.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days I work with clients. This allows me to focus on similar tasks without distraction and get into a flow. On client days, my clients have my full attention.

4. Take 5-10min breaks after every hour of work –  This might sound blasphemous to you if you’re a go-getting work-machine, but trust me when I tell you that doing so will allow you to come back to work refreshed and more motivated.

5. Have a strategy and mark it down on a calendar – If you have your marketing strategy laid out in front of you, you have a roadmap that will guide you instead of feeling like you’re flailing. Lack of direction is what creates overwhelm. Lay out your strategy and mark your calendar daily, weekly and monthly with necessary tasks. I use Google calendar both for my business and personal tasks. It helps keeps me focused.

6. Find your preferred relaxation routine and do it – Lately I’ve implemented a daily walking routine. I walk for approximately 45 minutes. I love it because it allows me to focus on nature and get away from the laptop. I noticed after I implemented this daily routine that I have more energy throughout the day and I also get great ideas during my walk. What relaxes you?…Yoga? A Massage? A hot bath?  The point is to find what it is for you and do it often.

Imagine knowing exactly what to focus on every day, week and month?

No more holding yourself back, second guessing your ideas and your next move or being stuck in confusion about how to actually make money online.

The strategies I use with my clients help them double and sometimes triple their monthly income.

Let’s come up with a game plan of how I can help you also get these results.

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