Do you want more clients? (Btw…most business owners answer yes). Are you tired of the feast or famine (mostly famine) cycles you’ve been on for the past year? Let’s break down why you may not be attracting the clients and consistent income you need to have a real cash-generating business you love.

Before you can make necessary changes and implement new habits, check out some of the main reasons business owners (especially solopreneurs) struggle to gain traction in their business.

You’re not consistent – You’re not consistent in your marketing strategy or you have no strategy at all. You don’t have a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly plan to market your business. Instead you’re floundering in and out of Facebook groups, neglecting other marketing avenues and just plain burning yourself out. Time for a plan. Start with setting a limit on Facebook – 2 groups, no more than 15 minutes per day, 3x per day. Plan your posts ahead of time and turn off notifications. The return on your time will be well worth it!

No one knows you exists – Because you’re not consistent, you don’t stick around anywhere long enough for people to get to know you, what you do and who you do it for. Your inconsistency is getting in the way of you showcasing your skills. Plan to show off your expertise in two groups for a least 3 weeks before you make any offers. Post 3x daily and show people a lot of value and you’ll see your popularity begin to rise.

You’re blending in with the other people who do what you do– your brand is vanilla and you’re blending in with the scores of other coaches who do what you do. There’s something unique about you – what is it? Identify that and find a way to express it in your posts and in your marketing. This, coupled with consistency will take you far.

How have you been keeping your business small? Have you been hiding or being inconsistent in your marketing?

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