I’m in love with my new website. Most business owners want a hot website that is a reflection of their biz and brand. It’s one of the tools we use to communicate who we are and how we’re different from similar businesses. Your website is a representation of you, so it should reflect where you are currently in your entrepreneurial evolution. But most online service providers suffer from a little something called “website shame”. We want that sexy, branded, high-end website, but as most Womenpreneurs who are in their first few years of business, we’re also bootstrapping the hell out of it. So dropping $7K on a new website may not be an option.

I want to share with you the dream team I finally found to put my website together and I didn’t have to pay close to $8K for It.  But first let me share with you some of the benefits I’ve experienced from the birth of my new website baby.

Increased Confidence – There are a few things you can do in your business to inject an immediate dose of confidence and one of them is to launch a sweet new website. Every time I’ve launched a new website, I’ve instantly brought in a new client to cover the cost of the investment I made on it.  Why?  Because I’m projecting a new level of confidence in myself and in my business and an upleveling of your confidence will often bring in new business. It’s palpable.

A (digital) Reflection of  My Essence – Your website is a reflection of you and as such it should convey to the world your style, your tone and your unique essence. How else will potential clients connect with you and recognize that you’re the one who can help them? Feeling aligned with my new branding, message and visual representation of all of this has made me feel like my ideal clients can now connect with the real me.

Let’s face it, an attractive website projects a certain image – I’m not saying that if you have a simple website or one that you’ve build yourself through blood, sweat and tears, that you can’t do business like the pros.  I’ve known plenty of coaches and consultants with websites that totally did not match their yearly revenue – meaning multiple six figure coaches whose websites looked like they’d hired my nine-year-old niece to build it. But eventually even these multi-six figure bootstrapers recognized that just like you put on a nice cocktail dress to a Gala, so will you upgrade your website to match the image you’d like your business to project.

Let me tell you about the three geniuses who made this new, much sexier website possible.

Joseph Rivera Art Director/Graphic Designer – When I first met Joseph, he told me that my website sucked and that he wanted to design a new one for me. I must admit that I was a tad offended by his candor, but I knew that he had the talent to deliver something amazing. Having worked on recognizable brands such as Bank of America, Starbucks, Cadillac, Jenny Craig and MIT to name a few, Joseph’s first design for me was a Gift Giveaway I hosted. He produced an awesome sales page with a great layout and eighteen months later, with a new direction in my business, we were ready to roll on a brand new website.  Enter Carlos Ramos: Photographer. Carlos was amazing in scouting the best NYC spots for my photo shoot. We shot at Madison Square Park as well as captured the city’s diverse landscape – from brick backgrounds to graffiti walls and iconic subway entrances. I was very pleased with Carlos’ big picture vision which I feel helped me tell my new brand’s story. Jacob Desch Web Designer – Jacob was the guy who actually implemented the designs. He writes code so he creates custom themes that are flexible and that work seamlessly across multiple formats. Besides being amazingly talented, he’s one of the nicest, most honest web guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of hiring.

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