If you’re like most people, your social life probably peaked in high school and/or college. Between busy work schedules and managing family life, who’s got the time to get out there in the world and meet new, interesting, like-minded peeps?

But whether it’s a few extra friends you’re looking to add to your squad or it’s a romantic connection you’d like to make, here’s an exercise that will help you magnetize fresh new connections.

First, a little background. Have you ever completely cleaned out your closet or garage and donated the goods or just discarded them only to be gifted with more things to fill them up? This very phenomenon happened to me recently.

I cleaned out my closet in November and got rid of boxes and boxes of clothing and shoes. I was left with about 8 pairs of shoes as I happily drove my donation to Goodwill. I was feeling light and lean. So, in true reciprocal Universal fashion, for Christmas I received a total of 10 new pairs of shoes as gifts! These generous gifts where completely unexpected and this happens to me so often that it really shouldn’t surprise me, but it still does.

Now for the part about you beefing up your social or love life… Get out all your contact management tools – Phones, paper and electronic calendars, Client Prospect spreadsheets, ect. Give yourself at least a good hour to go through all of your old, stale contacts and delete the ones that you know are really just taking up memory and energetic space. You know… the guy you went out with once like five years ago who you haven’t spoke to since that night. The three or four names you don’t even recognize and hope nothing crazy happened between you and these unknown people since you can’t recall who they are and where you met them.

Just clean them out without any remorse.

As you do this, set a simple intention that this year you will open up to new friendships and new opportunities for love, business or whatever it is that your beautiful little heart desires! Now, once you’ve cleaned house energetically get out there, join a new Meetup group, take up a new hobby, join an online dating site, smile at strangers. We’re all surrounded by such an abundance of opportunities everyday to have the experiences we want. Start fresh and enjoy your new connections!

Note: for Client-Prospect lists, it’s best to create a fresh new spreadsheet and archive your old contacts in case you’d like to reach out to them in the future.

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4 Responses to How to attract new people and opportunities into your life

  1. chris kerr says:

    I have joined the meet-ups, I have gone out dancing! I would like to meet someone romatically, and I meet men I am not attracted to, the one that are to me are married?

    • sandrica says:

      Hi Chris, have you done the internal work yet? Make sure that your “Inner Game” is right before you step out there. A good sign that you may need to shift some things is that you say you keep meeting people who are unavailable and who you find unattractive.

      xoxo Love!

  2. Victoria Woolley Parry says:

    This website and the articles are beautiful – full of light and love. I look forward to connecting with you so that you can help me connect and open up a magnificent new world for myself. I am truly inspired! Thank you.

  3. KC says:

    Hi! Enjoying your site! I’d like to read the comments, but they’re coming thru as reverse type on an almost-white background…so I can’t SEE them. (FYI!!!)

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