What’s the difference between a coach or service provider who charges $10,000 for a high-level package and one who charges $1,000?


Confidence in the value they provide and in their ability to communicate this value to their prospective clients. Period.

They’re no better or worse than you.  And they’re definitely not smarter or more talented at delivering their services.

What you charge is a direct reflection of how much you value your work.  If you’re undercharging, discounting or scared to raise your prices, you’re doing you and your clients a disservice.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re on a call with your ideal client and it’s time to tell her what you charge for your services. You feel the anxiety rise up and the person on the other line can hear the self-doubt in your voice.

Then, she either tells you she can’t afford it or you offer her a discount even before she says a word.

In order to build a profitable business that allows you to create your ideal freedom lifestyle, you must first become proficient at enrolling clients into high-level programs.

Because before you embark on world domination through automated sales funnels that bring in leveraged and passive incomes streams, you must first build a solid foundation for your business by offering a signature high-level coaching package and other premium offers.

Why? Because this is where you get the biggest bang for your buck. This is what allows you to become a well-known, sought-after expert with a “system” and to also have the funds to invest in Level Two of your business growth – Creating Leverage.

I help powerful women like you who have an amazing talent for making people’s lives better create high-level offers that sell, charge what you’re worth and communicate your value to your ideal clients so you can fill your client roster with ease.

So are you ready to end discounting and undercharging for good?

Check out how I did it.


My mission is to help you break through your self-imposed income ceiling and finally charge what you’re worth.